Rose Thompson

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Name Rose Thompson
Actor Brenda McDonald
Dates  ???? - 2007
Location Cornwall, Connecticut
Episode(s) 2.11 Playthings


Rose is the mother of Susan Thompson and the grandmother of Tyler Thompson. She lives at the Pierpont Inn, where the family has been for generations, and which is about to be sold.


2.11 Playthings

When Sam and Dean initially suspect Rose of trying to prevent the sale of the hotel by killing the people involved in the sale. The deaths are actually the fault of Rose's sister, Maggie Thompson who drowned at the hotel as a child and became a ghost haunting the hotel. Rose kept Maggie at bay for years with the hoodoo practices she learned from her nanny, in particular Quincunx symbols. When Rose suffers a stroke, she is paralyzed, and can no longer work the rituals necessary to protect her family. Maggie becomes Tyler's imaginary friend, and when Tyler is about to move away, Maggie tries to drown her, so that she will have the little girl with her forever. To save Tyler, Rose offers to die and serve as Maggie's companion, so the spirit will not be alone. Maggie frees Tyler, and Rose dies.