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The biggest fanfiction event in Supernatural fandom Big Bang challenge asks authors to write a 20,000+ word Supernatural or RPF story, while artists and vidders create pieces of artwork or trailer vids to accompany the stories

The first SPN J2 Big Bang challenge was held in 2007, moderated by wendy, audrarose, and estrella30. The idea came from similar challenges run in Harry Potter and Smallville fandoms, although the minimum requirement there was for 50,000+ words.

The 2007 Big Bang was declared officially over on July 5. There were 49 story contributions, 70 pieces of fan art, 5 vids and approximately one million words written.

From 2007-2012 years of the challenge, over 1000 stories with artwork have been produced, totaling over 25 million words. The average story is around 40,000 words long. Most entries are now made available in downloadable forms for e-readers. Besides the authors and artists, many more fans are involved as betas and cheerleaders through the challenge, and of course as readers.

Stats for Big bang stories 2007-2011

There have been 908 entries of fic and art in the Big Bang over 5 years.


The Big Bang started with Supernatural canon-based stories stories in the majority, and this swung around to RPF stories dominating, and in 2011 it was a 50/50 split.


Unsurprisingly within SPN fic, slash is the dominant genre, although as is typical of SPN fic overall, there is a significant Gen component, with these stories making up from 21 to 33% of stories. This is actually pretty reflective of the proportion of Gen fic in SPN fandom, although it was decreased in the last couple of years, not in absolute numbers but as a percentage of all SPN fic, as the arrival and huge popularity of Dean/Castiel fic swelled the ranks of slash.


When we start to break the categories down a bit further, we see a definite increase in the variety of fics.


This graph shows actual numbers of stories rather than percentages, and illustrates the rise in diversity in the last couple of years. This obviously reflects the rise in secondary recurring characters on the show since season 4.


There were 19 Dean/Cas stories in 2010, and 15 in 2011. This category is obviously heavily influenced by the Dean/Castiel Big Bang which started very successfully in 2010 and had 52 stories and art posted in its first year and 53 in 2011.