Sam and Dean's Initials

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Sam: What are you doin'?
Dean: Leaving our mark.

Sam and Dean Winchester, 12.18 The Memory Remains


When they were kids, Sam and Dean carved their initials into the wood under the rear package tray of the Impala. They can be seen in flashback in 5.22 Swan Song and 11.04 Baby.

Sam and Dean carving their initials into the Impala from 5.22 Swan Song
Sam and Dean's initials seen in 11.04 Baby

In 12.18 The Memory Remains, Sam and Dean sit in the library wondering what their legacy will be a hundred years from now. Sam suggests the people they saved will be their legacy, because they left the world better than they found it. Dean wonders about the Bunker, if other hunters will move in. Dean gets out his knife and he and Sam carve their initials into the library table as they had done in the Impala. Later in 14.18 Absence, we see that Mary Winchester's initials have been carved alongside Sam and Dean's initials following her death. In 15.13 Destiny's Child, Jack stares at Mary's initials, having been the one to accidentally kill her. In 15.19 Inherit the Earth, it is revealed that Jack's and Castiel's names have been carved into the table alongside Sam's, Dean's, and Mary's initials.

Sam and Dean engraving their initials on the library table in 12.18 The Memory Remains.
The engravings on the library table with Mary's added in 14.18 Absence.
Castiel and Jack's names added to the table memorial.


Tattoo of the initials by @pandamanda629