Samantha Juarez

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Name Samantha Juarez
Actor Genevieve Buechner
Location Salem, Ohio
Occupation Smash! Pow! Collectibles owner
Episode(s) 14.04 Mint Condition


Samantha Juarez is the co-owner of Smash! Pow! Collectibles in Salem, Ohio, alongside Dirk Winchell.


14.04 Mint Condition

As Stuart is closing the shop, and about to steal a Panthro figure, Samantha makes a video call to him asking about a bad Yelp review the store got after Stuart argued with a customer. While she appreciates his passion, Samantha asks Stuart to try and keep calm in the future, as the store needs all the customers it can get. Stuart agrees that he will try and asks if Samantha is coming to his game night; she enthusiastically agrees she is.

Sam and Dean arrive at the comic shop as insurance agents asking about Stuart Blake and his incident. She tells them that since he was kicked out by his roommate over an argument, they can find him at his mother's home.

After Stuart is taken to the hospital due to a possessed chainsaw attack, Sam meets with Samantha as she is closing shop to inquire if anyone Stuart was close to died recently. Samantha reveals that the original owner, Jordan MacNeel, died of cancer recently and left the shop to her and Dirk. Sam's EMF detector begins spiking and he is attacked by a possessed Hatchet Man, who pushes Samantha aside and takes the shop keys, locking the two inside.

Samantha tells Sam that Stuart had been stealing from the store, but she was docking his pay for the items taken, something a ghost would not know. Trapped inside the store, Sam improvises a bomb from cleaning supplies to blow the back door off its hinges. Freed, the two head to the hospital where Samantha speculates Jordan may be tethered to the Batman keychain on the store keys. Sam and Samantha race to the morgue where Dean is fighting the Jordan Hatchet Man. At Sam's urging, Dean is able to get the keychain and with the help of Samantha is able to burn it, laying Jordan's ghost to rest. In the aftermath, Sam assures Samantha that Jordan is in a better place upon her questioning.