Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc.

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An Ohio construction company (from 4.17 It's a Terrible Life) founded by P.T. Sandover in the 1800s. When Sandover died, his spirit began to cause certain employees (particularly ones who were either slacking off or had failed to do their job successfully) to commit suicide during the Great Depression. He started causing more deaths in 2009, but was defeated by Dean Smith and Sam Wesson.

Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc. Staff and Employees




  • Ian Johnston was one of Sam's co-workers, who apparently had a sexual crush on Mimi, a fellow employee, and he insinuated that he wanted to have sex with her. Like Paul, Ian did eventually fall under P.T. Sandover's influence and he decided to kill himself, for he thought that he had failed P.T. Sandover, and according to Ian his failure also affected profits.
  • Mimi apparently was a very attractive woman, according to Ian who implied that he would enjoy having intercourse with her. According to Sam, however, her attractiveness takes second place to her age, which is apparently thirty or so years older than Ian.
  • Paul was an older man, who apparently got busted for searching porn on the internet. While he was under P.T. Sandover's influence he decided to kill himself, because he thought that he had failed the company, and most of all he thought that he failed P.T. Sandover.
  • Dean Smith was the director of sales and marketing at Sandover Bridge & Iron Incorporation in 4.17 It's a Terrible Life. With the help of Sam Wesson, he burned the remains of P.T. Sandover. His boss, Mr. Adler, turned out to be Zachariah, and when he restored Dean Smith's memories, he realized he is Dean Winchester.
  • Sam Wesson was a tech support employee of Sandover Bridge & Iron Incorporation who teamed up with Dean Smith to destroy the spirit of P.T. Sandover in 4.17 It's a Terrible Life. It was finally revealed that Sam Wesson was Sam Winchester under Zachariah's spell.