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Name Sarah
Actor Bellamy Young (5.01)
Jaycie Dotin (14.12)
Dates  ???? - 2009 (killed by Abraxas)
Location Pike Creek, Delaware
Occupation Ghost
Episode(s) 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil
14.12 Prophet and Loss

You can't because you are him. You've doomed me to stay in this place forever. You doomed yourself.

– Sarah, 14.12 Prophet and Loss


Sarah was the wife of Nick. She and her son Teddy were murdered during a house break-in. According to the police report, they were both beaten to death with a hammer. It is later revealed that they were killed by Abraxas as a part of Lucifer's plan to have a vessel ready for his release. Sarah herself became trapped as a ghost in her old house, tied there by the unfinished business of her and Teddy's murders as well as Nick's acceptance of Lucifer.


5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

Lucifer uses Sarah's form to speak to her grieving husband Nick, who is chosen as his vessel, and convinces Nick to allow Lucifer to possess him.

14.02 Gods and Monsters

Nick begins to get flashbacks of the hallucinations brought on by Lucifer involving the death of his wife and son. After discovering that their murder case went cold, Nick decides to search for the person responsible for his family's deaths, but the local police are uncooperative. Although there was no trace of DNA evidence that could potentially lead back to the killer, he discovers that his neighbor Arty Nielson reported seeing someone exit the house around the time of death, but he later changed his story.

Nick pays a visit to his old neighbor to ask him about why he changed his story. Arty refuses to say anything and insists that he didn't see anything, though Nick doesn't believe him. He tells Arty that his wife and son were killed with a hammer and wonders why Arty looked outside his window that night. Arty is still afraid to talk and Nick soon becomes agitated and lashes out. He declares that he's gonna get justice for his family's deaths and proceeds to beat Arty to death with a hammer.

14.07 Unhuman Nature

Nick meets with the priest that Arty went to for confession. He tries to find out what Arty told him, but the priest refuses to break the sanctity of confession, despite Arty being the only witness to his family's murder, so Nick slits his throat and nails him to a door.

Later, Nick meets with Diane Fargo, a crime reporter who spoke to him when Sarah and Teddy were killed who has been working at the Wilmington Tribune for the past six years. She tells Nick that the cops had nothing to say to her about the crime. At the time she even played with the idea that Nick might have killed his family, but Nick had an alibi -- he was getting drunk at the Elks Lodge at the time of the murders. She tells him about Frank Kellogg, the officer assigned to Nick's neighborhood who left Pike Creek after the murders and started working private security in Montauk.

Nick visits Kellogg, who tries to run away, but Nick catches him and ties him to a chair. Nick tells him that Arty saw a cop walking out of the house on the night of Sarah and Teddy's murders, but the police threatened him to make him keep quiet about it when he gave his statement. While Nick is torturing Kellogg, he reveals what happened that night. He says that Sarah called the precinct about a possible prowler and that someone came out of nowhere when he arrived on the scene. The person told him his name was Abraxas, but Kellogg couldn't remember anything else before he woke up in his car covered in blood. Nick recognizes the name and realizes that Abraxas is a demon, one that Lucifer knew personally. He deduces the scenario: Abraxas possessed Kellogg and used him to kill Sarah and Teddy. When the police discovered what happened, they covered up their murders to prevent Kellogg from going to prison. They destroyed all the DNA evidence leading back to the beat cop, even extorting Arty to change his story out of fear. Although Nick acknowledges that Kellogg was innocent, the demon still used his meatsuit to kill his family. He proceeds to beat Kellogg to death with a hammer.

14.11 Damaged Goods

Nick continues his crusade, torturing and killing two demons in search of Abraxas. One demon, who worked alongside Abraxas in killing a Girl Scout troop, reveals to Nick that he was captured in a box by Mary Winchester, who is in Hibbing, Minnesota. After kidnapping Mary Winchester, Nick reveals to her that Abraxas was the demon that murdered his family, and he knows Mary trapped him in an Enochian puzzle box.

Mary takes Nick to her lock-up where the box is located. Despite her efforts to stop him, Nick releases Abraxas, who possesses a security guard. When Nick asks why he killed his family, Abraxas reveals to Nick that he did so under Lucifer's orders, having no special reason as they chose his family by throwing a "dart at the phone book." Nick kills Abraxas and finally avenges the deaths of Sarah and Teddy. As Donna arrests him, he justifies his actions to an unsympathetic Sam as being necessary to find out what happened to his family and get his revenge.

14.12 Prophet and Loss

After escaping the hospital where he was detained, Nick returns to his house in Pike Creek, Delaware, which has been abandoned since 2009. He notices a nearby mirror getting clouded by frost, cabinets banging, and flickering lights. He turns around and sees the ghost of Sarah. She tells Nick that she was tied to the house because of what happened to her and their son. Nick explains that they were killed by the demon Abraxas who possessed Frank Kellogg. He also explains that he located and killed Abraxas to avenge their deaths. She replies that she's also tethered to the house because of Nick. Sarah saw Nick the night when he consented to possession by Lucifer back in 2009. She wants him to reject Lucifer so she can find peace and move on. When Nick refuses, Sarah accuses him of leaving her doomed in the house forever. As Nick leaves to find Lucifer, Sarah calls out to him, but he walks away.