Sasha Rawling

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Name Sasha Rawling
Actor Leah Cairns
Location Claremore, Oklahoma
Episode(s) 14.05 Nightmare Logic


Sasha Rawling is the daughter of Patrick Rawling. When she was young, she idolized her father despite the fact that he was a workaholic and rarely home. At the age of 12, Sasha's mother committed suicide and she was the one to find her body. Because of this, Sasha suffers from depression, taking benzos for treatment (and when she feels anxious).


14.05 Nightmare Logic

Arriving at her father's home, Sasha is blindsided by the amount of people already there, and is told by Neil that the Winchesters and Bobby are from the National Historic Preservation Society and are interested in the house being preserved, which confuses her further. Sitting down with Sam and Dean, she tells them she is only there to get things in order before her father dies, and asks everyone to leave.

Going over bills, Sasha hears a noise coming from upstairs. As she is about to enter the attic to investigate, she is shocked by the sight of a vampire, and runs down the hall, falling to the ground and covering her head out of fear, but the vampire does not attack her.

Later that night, Sasha recounts what happened to Mary, Sam, and Neil, confused as to why they are at the house. When Sam tells her they hunt monsters, she finds it hard to believe. When Dean arrives he and Sam come up with the theory that her father Patrick may be psychic and behind everything. When Sasha denies seeing any psychic abilities from her father, she tells them what led to her checking upstairs, leading Sam and Dean to believe there is something hiding in the attic. Sam goes to check while Dean stays downstairs with Neil and Sasha.

Sharpening his machete, Dean attempts to talk with Sasha about her issues with her father, which Sasha initially does not want to do. She eventually opens up to Dean about life with her dad. Dean tells her to let go of her baggage, telling her it's something he tries to do everyday. Checking on Patrick, Dean notices something off about the set-up and asks Sasha to make him a sandwich, which she is annoyed by. But when she realizes Dean is trying to get her out of the room, she decides to go "make" Dean his sandwich.

The next morning, Dean unhooks Patrick from the djinn's rig and tells Sasha she might just get that apology from him. As Dean leaves Sasha sits with her father as he begins to come back to consciousness.