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While we have Transcripts of all aired episodes, scripts provide invaluable insights into the writing of the episode including character notes, stage directions and more. The following are links to copies of scripts and casting sides for Supernatural. Most of the copies of scripts have been obtained when they have been auctioned for charity, and then shared with the SuperWiki.

Casting sides are scenes that are provided to actors for their auditions. They are usually scenes taken from a draft script or sometimes scenes written specifically for the audition. For these reasons they may never have appeared in an episode, or may vary from an aired scene.

Adam Glass tweeted about the writing process " First u pitch, then u write arena, then u do a board, then an outline, then script & rewrites"

Robbie Thompson on the drafting process Drafts submitted for notes, so:

  • Writer's Draft
  • Studio Draft
  • Network Draft
  • Production Draft (then different color drafts for prod. revisions)

Numbers on scripts refer to the order in which thy were shot. These sometimes vary from the order in which they were aired (which the SuperWiki episode numbers refer to).

Colours refer to the order of revisions of a script. For Supernatural they are:

  • Production Draft (White)
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Goldenrod
  • Salmon
  • Cherry

  • Supernatural pitch August 30, 2004 - This was Kripke's pitch for Supernatural describing the main characters and concept and the tone and themes of the series. The family is called the Harrisons, and Sam and Dean grew up with relatives after their mother was killed in a car accident that their father claimed was caused something evil.
  • A substantially different draft of the script for the Pilot based on the original pitch and featuring the Harrisons.

  • Network Arenas June 3 2005. An overview of the first five episodes of season one.