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Season 12 overview from Comic-Con 2016

This is a compilation of all the Season 12 spoilers from Comic Con. I’ve taken these from the panel and also the press room.

How do you go bigger than a season that featured God and his sister? The answer for showrunner’s Bob Singer and the newly promoted Andrew Dabb, is that you don’t.

This season won’t have a single Big Bad, but rather a few overarching stories and more intimate character-focussed stories. Family will be explored both thru the Winchesters, and Crowley and Rowena. Whereas in the past the mythology focussed mainly on the angel/demon mythology, and the stand-alone episodes on hunting, this season will see this somewhat reversed.

Emotions will run high at the beginning of the season. Remember that Sam thinks Dean is dead, which means he'll be dealing with all that grief, and certainly not expecting anyone to rescue him. Dean will have all the feels as he reunites with Mary, but then as they return to the bunker to find Sam missing, they will have to embark on a mission to save him. The clips from the first episode showed Sam being tortured, as well as a bloodied Cas!

The three main arcs will be Mary’s return, the hunt for Lucifer and the British chapter of the Men of Letters.

I did want to include one direct quote, from Andrew Dabb, because it speaks to his philosophy on running the show:

“If you start doing things you only know people are gonna like….then that limits you, storytelling-wise. At this point in the show, those stories are easy to do. It’s easy to tick three boxes and know that the fans on Twitter are gonna go crazy for them. It just is….. I think the question is: If those are the only types of stories you’re telling, then are you really allowing the show to grow, creatively? Because really, then it becomes a nostalgia cycle. ...And I also think that the truth of the matter is, the thing people like the most is the thing they wanted that they didn’t know they wanted.”

Mary’s return

Mary Winchester is back and alive in 2016. Her last memory is of being the mother of 4 year old Dean and six month old Sam, and married to car mechanic John. Oh and dying on the ceiling of Sam’s nursery. Its been 33 years since she died at the age of 29. Now both her sons are older than her.

The Winchesters will have to get to know each other. Mary doesn't even recognise these men as her sons at first - a clip from the first episode, which leads directly on from the Season 11 finale, shows Mary throwing Dean to the ground when he approaches her!

So what sort of a familial bond is there between the boys and their mother when they have almost no history together? Sam and Dean have mythologised Mary, and her memory of them is as children, not as grown men with a life of hurt and mistakes and saving the world behind them. They will each need to cope with the reality of the other person. The analogy of adoptive reunions was used to give a sense of what this may look like.

As we know Mary never wanted her sons to become hunters, and she will feel guilty that her deal with Azazel lead them eventually into the life. However Mary will be wearing pants and hunting, which will cause issues for the boys. They are always more vulnerable when one of them is in danger, and hunting with Mary raises the stakes in this area.

Mary will have in common with Sam the fact that she did try and leave the hunting life. It will, however, be revealed that Mary didnt completely eschew the hunting life following her marriage to John. She will have useful knowledge and skills. As hunter she will be very much more in line of Dean’s “guns blazing” approach.

Castiel and Mary will bond over their relationship with, and struggle to understand, Sam and Dean.

Obviously a lot more has changed for Mary -especially regarding technology. She’ll have to come to learn about it and how it has changed hunting. I’d expect a few fish out of water moments as Mary grapples with the internet and iphones and PokemonGo.


Both Crowley and Castiel will be hunting Lucifer, for their own reasons. Cas feels responsible for him being loose on Earth and Crowley wants revenge for his own humiliation. Cas will have most of his powers back, except possibly teleportation.

Lucifer needs strong human vessels, and this will lead to a series of body jumping episodes. His first vessel with be a rock star called Vince Vincente, to be played by Rick Springfield, ‘

British Men of Letters

We find out more about the worldwide Men of Letters, particularly the English chapter. Lady Toni shot Sam at the end of last season and she sees the Winchesters very much as a threat to world stability, The MoL are very black and white about the world of monsters, in contrast to the Winchesters who have over time found out that not all monsters are evil and need (or deserve) to be killed. However there is a continuum of opinion within the British MoL and we will find out that Lady Toni is at the extremist, fanatical end of the spectrum. (Andrew Dabb said he could "neither confirm nor deny" my suspicion that Lady Toni was inspired by Lady Penelope from the Thunderbirds).

Returning characters

Rowena will be trying a new lifestyle but will find herself drawn back into the thick of things. Crowley’s son Gavin MacLeod will return, making for some interesting family dynamics with Crowley and Rowena.

Another family we’ll see again is Jody, Alex and Claire. Donna will also be back, and possibly Garth.

In terms of monsters, we’ll get new takes on monsters we’ve met before, and the German necromancers the Thule Society will also return.

We didn't find out much about the stand alone episodes, other than one will feature a hunter's wake where the hunters have a drinking game (Do a shot when someone mentions a Wendigo!)

No confirmation of tentacle monsters (yet).