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Season 13 spoilers from Comic-Con 2017

This is a compilation of the season 13 spoilers from Comic-Con. I’ve taken these from the panel and also the press room. My words not theirs, so don't place too much emphasis on the wording. (HAHA as if fandom would ever do THAT!)

"At its core it’s a more personal season than the last one" - Bob Singer


  • Dean is convinced that Mary is dead, and will be initially unable to process the enormity of his grief over the loss of her and Cas. Other than praying to God for help, he will deal with things by being angry and trying to take action. Unfortunately, the first target in his sights is Jack, and Dean thinks he is so potentially dangerous he should be killed.


  • Sam represses his feelings of grief as well, particularly by focusing on Jack. He will be more optimistic about Jack, and his potential humanity. He also sees something of himself in Jack – as he was also the child with demon blood who was meant to be evil. He may have some fear that Dean’s attitude to Jack reflects a deep-seated lingering attitude towards himself.
  • Sam points out of course, that Jack is possibly the only way to open the rift the other universe.

The Brothers

  • As we saw last season, the brothers’ relationship has evolved to where they are in a much more stable and cooperative phase of their relationship. They do still argue about how to get things done -such as dealing with Jack.
  • Both the boys will inevitably need to deal with their feelings at some point.


  • When Cas does come back, we find him in a realm that’s been talked about but never seen. He finds himself alone in this realm with only one other companion – another powerful (and handsome) being.
  • Cas’ death doesn’t shake Cas that much but it is hugely important for the impact it has on the boys.
  • Cas is finally coming to accept that he does belong with the Winchesters, he trusts that now, and it's reciprocal.
  • Castiel meets Jack in episode 6.

The Alternate World

  • We will see how introducing elements of our world into it, and vice versa, changes each world.
  • There will be versions of characters there who have died in our world.
  • Mary is alive.

Watch out for…

  • The cosmic consequences of Billie the reapers death.
  • The Scooby-Doo episode –- the show is nostalgic for Sam and Dean, and the episode becomes personal in difference ways for both of them.
  • There is a character called Michael in this season but not the Michael you think.
  • There will be some fallout from the British Men of Letters -– they have had some influence on the boys, and they wont have been forgotten.
  • Episode 11 is “in the same wheelhouse” as the episode set on the sub but even more ambitious.

Wayward Sisters

Further news on the series was released during Comic-Con 2017. Alongside Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Kathryn Newton and Katherine Ramdeen were confirmed for the series along with Clark Backo. The series will be launched through episodes 3, 9 and 10 of season 13 of Supernatural.

  • A new character Patience (Clark Backo), the estranged granddaughter of psychic and returning character Missouri Mosely, will be introduced in episode 3 of Supernatural in season 13.

From the press release of 23/7/2017:

"Patience Turner, a new member of the Wayward Sisterhood. A high school over-achiever, Patience’s life is turned upside down when she discovers she’s a powerful psychic, a gift she inherited from her estranged grandmother (and season one Supernatural character) Missouri Moseley. Hunted by dark forces for her power, Patience finds refuge with Jody and her wayward family."

Episodes 9 and 10 of Supernatural in season 13 will be the pilot episodes to launch the potential spin-off.