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At the CW Upfronts in New York on May 17th it was announced that Supernatural would move to Wednesday nights at 9pm after the new series "Arrow". The CW fall season will start in October for all shows, and there will be fewer breaks during the season. source. Jeremy Carver return to Supernatural as showrunner, following the departure of Sera Gamble.

Bob Singer described the inspiration for Season 8 as "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Source.

General Spoilers

From the CW Upfronts:

30th May 2012:

10th June:

28 June:

9th July: In the Comic Con 2012 edition of the TV Guide, Bob Singer describes the inspiration for Season 8 as "Raiders of the Lost Ark". He also revealed the broad plot for the Season Source.

10th July: In his first comment as showrunner, Jeremy Carver said:

"We're always looking for a deeper meaning, because a lot of the monsters of the week are sometimes reflections of what our boys are going through on an emotional level," says Carver, who also enjoys "making the mundane monstrous" and taking things with positive cultural impressions and turning them on their ear.
"Whether it's an angel or Santa Claus or a teapot, there will be blood. There's pleasure in pain, as it were."

12-15 July: Check the Comic Con 2012 entry for all spoilers from the writers and cast for Season 8.

19th July: Casting for a recurring character by TVLine

27th July: New guest star cast by The Hollywood Reporter

29th July: Recurring actor back in Season 8 by Pop Culture Zoo.

30th July:

1st August:

3rd August:

4th August

7th August

8th August

15th August

28th August

4th September

18th September

From the 27th September publicity set visit:

Showrunners Bob Singer and Jeremy Carver talk about what to expect in Season 8:


7th October

19th October

23rd October

31 October

30 November

17 December

29th January 2013

30th January 2013

6 March

21 March

15th April


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