Season 9 Interviews

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  • Season 9 will premiere on Tuesday October 8th after the Vampire Diaries Spin off The Originals.source.
  • Writer Ben Edlund will not be returning to Supernatural in Season 9, as he moves to write for Eric Kripke's Revolution. Returning to the writer's room will be Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo who worked on the show in Season 6. Jenny Klein has also been promoted tot he writing team.
  • Shooting for Season 9 will commence on 11 July, 2013 and finish on 24 April, 2014 source.
  • Tweets confirming a returning character [1][2]

On 2 October, 14 bloggers visited the Supernatural set. There are their reports:

  • Jared and Jensen have recorded a public service announcement for the "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign. Check out it out here.
  • Misha talks to Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast. This as recorded in a castle in Scotland, which was part of the first prize for the 2012 GISHWHES Team. Chris's girlfriend Chloe Dykstra was part of "Bad Wolf", the winning team. The podcast includes a great discussion of fandom culture, GISHWHES and much hilarity.
  • Aisha Tyler talks about how she's love to have Jared and Misha as guests on "Whose Line Is it Anyway?"source
  • Jared on Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler