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Name Seth
Actor Cole Vigue
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Krissy Chambers)
Location Conway Springs, Kansas
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 8.18 Freaks and Geeks


Seth is a vampire who has teamed up with Victor Rogers. Victor has given him families to target and kill, so that Victor can take in the surviving children and raise them as hunters. So far he has recruited Krissy, Aidan and Josephine Barnes. Seth then turns new people into vampires, and Victor convinces the kids these are the vampires who killed their families, so they can get hunting experience.


Seth, hit with a dead man's blood dart by Krissy Chambers.

8.18 Freaks and Geeks

Seth, driving a blue van, drops off a new vampire near to wear he knows Aidan, Krissy and Josephine will be waiting and waits to see them kill it. Next he kidnaps a local woman named Connie, and takes them to a motel. He brings Jimmy Day to her, but he is pursued by the kids, and also Sam and Dean. He is killed by Josephine as Seth watches from his van. Connie later tells Dean that it was a man in a hoodie driving a blue van who took her, not Jimmy.

Later Sam see a blue van outside the house where Victor and the kids live. He tells Victor but when they go in pursuit, Seth knocks Sam unconscious.

Returning to Victor's house, the group finds Sam tied up by Victor and Seth, who had planned to kill Sam and make it look like a vampire kill, in order to further motivate the kids to hunt. Sam and Dean reveal what they have figured out: Victor has had the vampire kill their families to drive them into hunting so he could train the next generation of hunters and having them get "revenge" by killing people who have just been turned and he has framed. When Krissy asks who the real killer is, the vampire informs her that he killed her father and enjoyed it. Victor disarms himself and tries to convince the group to keep going with him, but they refuse and he has the vampire take Aidan as a hostage so he can escape.

Krissy shoots the vampire in the right eye and chest with darts filled with dead man's blood. She then pulls a gun on Victor, threatening to kill him. Krissy decides that having Victor live a lonely life with no one will be revenge enough, but he kills himself instead.

Using Seth's blood, the group is able to cure the last person he turned and he is presumably killed.

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