Shaylene Johnson

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Shaylene Johnson.jpg
Name Shaylene Johnson
Actor Elysia Rotaru
Dates 1987/8 (born)
Location Missouri
Occupation Sex worker
Episode(s) 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls


Shaylene Johnson is a woman who was forced into sex work by the demons Raul and Gerald. She'd previously went to Harvard.


10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Shaylene uses the dating app Crushbook to lure in men with the promise of sex so that her pimps could make deals with them for their souls for her pimp Raul who she doesn't know is a demon. On their way home to the bunker, Dean makes a detour to Missouri where he plans to meet up with Shaylene at Lizardo's Porterhouse. When she turns up, they head to a motel where, just as they're about to have sex, she mentions the topic of payment. Thinking Shaylene means cash, Dean is about to decline the offer until she mentions the payment would be his soul.

After Dean and Sam explain to Shaylene that her pimp is a demon, she helps them by tricking Raul into coming to the motel to "claim" her client's soul. However, when Raul gets there, he is ambushed by the Winchesters who try to question him. Raul degrades Shaylene verbally which angers her into snatching an angel blade from Dean's hand and stabbing Raul with it, killing him. The Winchesters are annoyed by this, feeling like they lost their only lead to Raul's brothel's whereabouts. However, Shaylene takes a business card from Raul's jacket and hands it to them, leading them to the address of the brothel.