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Name Sonja
Actor Venus Terzo
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by Sam Winchester)
Location Hudson, Ohio
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 11.13 Love Hurts


Sonja is a hairdresser and witch, who after years of hearing about cheating husbands, grew frustrated at how women would keep crawling back to them. So, Sonja began giving out death curses, telling her clients they are return to love spells, "Weeding out the idiots" by killing both husband and wife.


11.13 Love Hurts

While Sam is searching Sonja's salon for the qareen's heart, he is caught off-guard and magically held down in a chair by Sonja after locating it. Sonja takes the heart from Sam. She surmises that he is not FBI, but rather a hunter, and begins to tell him why she has been giving out the death curses to punish cheating men who get away with their betrayals and the stupid women who want them back. Sonja starts casting a spell on Sam, magically choking him so he can’t breath, Melissa enters the salon and distracts Sonja long enough that her spell on Sam is broken, allowing him to go for his gun and shoots and kills her with his witch-killing bullets.