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Ah, pretty much. No soul of course, thanks to Amara. It's kinda like losing your appendix. You never really noticed it when you had it. But now, when I come to a moral crossroad, I ask myself, 'What would Mr. Rogers do?' And as soon as I nail that, I'm usually good.

Donatello Redfield, 13.02 The Rising Son

Soullessness is a state of being when a human has their soul forcibly removed from their body while still living. When a soul is removed, the reaction of the human can vary; some may turn violent, being set-off by the most minute incidents, others may show a glib indifference to their surroundings. One universal symptom of soullessness, however, is that the person no longer requires sleep. Sam Winchester's soullessness manifested in his near-sociopathic drive to hunt, working off of pure instinct and believing any loss of human life was acceptable for the greater good. The prophet Donatello Redfield was able to work out a method to keep his moral compass after his soul was consumed by Amara, revealing to Sam and Dean that he would think, "What would Mr. Rogers do?" when he came to a moral crossroads, and once he figured that out he would be good about his choices.

A soul can be returned to their human host, but only if the soul still remains on the earthly plane. If the soul is released from its confinement, the soul will immediately return to where it came from.


Sam Winchester

Season 6
Upon reuniting with Dean the year after being pulled from Lucifer's Cage, Sam initially attempts to hide his new colder demeanor from his brother. Despite the act Sam puts on, moments slip past that begin to alert Dean that something is off with Sam, such as remembering seeing Sam smile the moment the vampire Boris turned him. After Veritas is unable to force the truth out of Sam, Dean confronts him about what he is. Sam admits that something is wrong with himself, but that he has become a better hunter and nothing scares him. He tells Dean he thinks he needs help, but is met with a knockout punch by Dean.

After calling Castiel to examine Sam, Dean learns that he was resurrected without his soul, which remained in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael, and is impossible for Castiel to recover. While trying to figure out who resurrected Sam, their search brings them to the Alpha Vampire, who remarks that he can smell that Sam is missing his soul and takes an interest, believing without a soul Sam could become the perfect "animal." Sam eventually reveals to Dean he has been continuing to put on an act, telling him he doesn't really care about him, only insofar as he needs his help. He also admits to the innocent people he has killed in the line of duty, telling Dean he thinks he should go back to being his whole self.

Realizing that Crowley doesn't hold his soul, and that getting it back could kill him, Sam accepts that he will not get his soul back and says he doesn't want it back. Dean, however, goes behind Sam's back to make a deal with Death to retrieve it from the Cage and put up a mental wall to protect him from remembering the trauma. Sam goes on to summon Balthazar in hopes of preventing his soul from being returned, Balthazar reveals that Sam will need to "scar his vessel", making it uninhabitable through the act of patricide. With John Winchester having been dead for years, Sam realizes he will have to kill Bobby Singer. As the two engage in a game of cat and mouse, Sam is able to gain the upper hand and capture Bobby. But before he can deliver the killing blow, Dean intercepts Sam and knocks him unconscious. Tied down in Bobby's panic room, Sam sees Death enter. As he pleads for Death to stop, Death tells him he would be putting up a mental wall to protect him, telling Sam not to "scratch it" before he takes Sam's soul out of his bag and places it back inside a screaming Sam.

Milton, Illinois

9.17 Mother's Little Helper
In 1958 at St. Bonaventure's convent, the Knight of Hell Abaddon began enacting a plan to create demons only loyal to her, by forcibly removing the souls from people to make her new army. When Sister Mary Catherine has her soul removed, leading to the murder of two people and her suicide, it catches the attention of the Men of Letters, who send initiates Henry Winchester and Josie Sands to investigate. Upon finding ancient pre-Enochian texts scrawled in Sister Mary Catherine's room, they learn that they are dealing with the Knights of Hell. That night, Sister Julia hears a noise and sees Mother Superior dragging a girl to the basement. Following her, she sees a young man tied to a chair and when she attempts to flee is stopped by Sister Agnes. She awakens tied to a chair, where one by one she witnesses the others being dragged into another room where a bright blue light flashes after each person is taken until she is the only one left. Henry and Josie arrive and exorcise the demons. But when they come face-to-face with Abaddon, and are overpowered, Josie offers herself for possession to spare Henry, allowing Abaddon to infiltrate the organization. Abaddon's minion, Sister Agnes, is tasked with keeping the operation going until Abaddon's return.

In 2014, a woman, Karen Young, returns home and violently beats her husband to death with a candle holder after he criticizes her choice of making meatloaf for dinner. When Sam goes off to investigate, he finds her dead in her cell, having used her blood to write "Help" and "Death" on her cell walls before hanging herself. A boy named Billy walking down the road one night is picked up by a man he knows as Mr. Richie. Upon entering the vehicle, Billy begins screaming as a blue light fills the van. Some time later Billy enters a diner where Sam is having dinner, and begins acting confrontational towards the waitress, eventually stabbing her hand to the counter, prompting Sam to intervene and knock him unconscious. At the Sheriff's Department, Sam walks the cell block corridor, where he witness four other people writing on the walls in their blood and banging their heads against the cell door. Reading through the case files, Sam calls Dean with the revelation that people are acting "aggressive, violent, impulsive" almost like he was when he was soulless.

When Sam learns of what Abaddon did in 1958 from Julia Wilkinson, he goes to St. Bonaventure where he finds five jars containing souls on a shelf in the basement. Before he can do anything he is attacked, first by a possessed Mr. Richie, whom he kills, and next by Sister Agnes, who reveals there are more factories out there creating demons for Abaddon's army. Sam attempts an exorcism but is thwarted, until he plays a recording of one off his phone, giving him time to get Ruby's knife and kill Sister Agnes. Sam then gently releases all the souls in the glass jars, allowing them to fly back to the people sitting in the cells, who are shocked and confused about what has happened to them.

Deputy Jenna Nickerson

11.02 Form and Void
While looking into Amara's crib, trying to comfort the baby's crying, Jenna's soul is consumed. As Dean and Crowley argue outside the house, Jenna, in her soulless state, confronts her grandmother in the kitchen. Brandishing a butcher knife, she tells her grandmother she "always wanted to try this" before brutally and fatally stabbing her. After hearing her grandmother's screams, Dean and Crowley enter the house to find Jenna in a bedroom smashing angel figurines her grandmother collected. She begins to attack Dean, and as he pleads for her to stop, Crowley telekinetically smashes her into the ceiling, killing her.

Len Fletcher / Sydney

11.05 Thin Lizzie
While staking out the Lizzie Borden house to try and get a picture of Borden's ghost, Len Fletcher notices a young Amara looking into the house. He approaches her, and the two begin discussing Lizzie Borden. Amara's views on her disturb Len and he is attempting to ditch her when Amara places her hands on his face and consumes Len's soul. Len's soullessness manifests through his lack of eating, sleeping, and dreaming, and realizing that the things that used to make his skin crawl no longer bother him. He also experiences a general indifference to the things he once loved, such as his Lizzie blog and ghost conventions; he goes so far as to put his whole Lizzie Borden collection on eBay. He reveals to Sam and Dean that he has been faking being a "superfan".

He questions Sam and Dean about what is wrong with him, believing he may have cancer or had a stroke. He tells them that he has a feeling of something dark with wings inside of him, preparing to hatch. Dean eventually bluntly tells Len he has no soul and that Amara sucked it out. Relieved to finally know what happened, Len joins with the Winchesters as they go to find Sydney, handcuffing him in the Impala.

Sydney meets Amara outside a bar after breaking up with her boyfriend. Amara, feeling pity, gives Sydney a feeling of ultimate bliss. But when Sydney calls Amara an angel, her demeanor changes and she sucks out her soul. Sydney's soullessness makes her feel free, and leaves her believing Amara to be a goddess and thinking her soullessness was a gift. Her soullessness prompts her to kill her ex and his new girlfriend in the Lizzie Borden house, as well as the parents of the boy, Jordy, whom she babysits, believing she could take better care of him than his neglectful parents. As she is about to kill Sam and Dean, they are rescued by Len, who ripped off one of his thumbs (just to see if he could do it) to escape from the Impala, and who kills her with a hatchet. He tells Sam and Dean that while his brain told him to help them, he didn't feel anything. When Sam and Dean refuse his suggestion of killing him, Len declares his intention of turning himself in for all the murders, fearing that the darkness bubbling inside him will lead to him killing more people.

11.06 Our Little World
After turning himself in to the Fall River police, Len is killed while in custody by the demon Marco, who was sent by Crowley to "clean up" all the soulless people Amara has been creating in her wake.

Goldie Schmidtlapp

11.06 Our Little World
Goldie comes face to face with a young Amara late one night in a park. When Goldie asks if Amara wants something, Amara tells her that she wants to be like her and proceeds to consume Goldie's soul. Goldie's soullessness causes her to attack and attempt to kill her mother the next morning; failing to do so, she is taken into custody by the police. Goldie is later used as bait by Sam and Dean in order to trap the demon Marco, who had been sent by Crowley to kill all the soulless people Amara had been making.

Donatello Redfield

11.22 We Happy Few
In order for Amara to find the location of Chuck, she pays a visit to Donatello Redfield's home in Lewis, Oklahoma. Donatello remains defiant during Amara's assault, refusing to reveal God's location. His defiance leads to Amara consuming Donatello's soul to get the information.

13.02 The Rising Son
With the birth of Jack Kline, Donatello is drawn to Sam and Dean's location in Wyoming. It's there that he reveals to the brothers that Amara took his soul. He explains that he's worked out a method to keep his moral compass, which involves the simple mantra of asking himself, "What would Mr. Rogers do?" He tells the brothers that when he comes to a moral crossroads, as long as he can "nail that" he is usually good.

13.13 Devil's Bargain
Sam and Dean call on Donatello to decipher the demon tablet, to learn if there is a spell to open a rift to Apocalypse World.

13.14 Good Intentions
The unforeseen results of Donatello deciphering the demon tablet are revealed after he attempts to kill Sam and send Dean and Castiel to their deaths fighting Gog and Magog. Castiel explains to the Winchesters that the human soul acts as a filter to the dark energies of the demon tablet; without his soul Donatello becomes corrupted by the tablet, believing that he saw "the power of God" when he deciphered the text and that Sam and Dean want to take it away from him. Due to his soulless nature and corruption, Castiel suggests the kindest thing to do would be to end Donatello's suffering, a plan which Sam and Dean vehemently oppose. Instead, Castiel locks himself in the dungeon with Donatello and forcefully extracts the information he gleaned from the demon tablet, leaving him brain-dead and on life support.

Lily Sunder

12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets
Since 1901, Lily Sunder has been utilizing Enochian magic to acquire angel powers such as smiting, access to angel radio, and a resistance to angel powers, as well as extending her life. However, this magic comes at a price, as each time she uses one of these spells, a piece of her soul burns away, bringing her closer to soullessness. She tells Sam that she has already begun to lose her ability to dream.

14.08 Byzantium
By 2018, Lily Sunder only has a sliver of her soul left. She stops using her Enochian spells, as with some of her soul remaining there is still a chance for her to enter Heaven when she dies so she can be reunited with her daughter May. Ceasing her spells results in her losing her longevity and youth. She agrees to help the Winchesters save Jack if they can get her into Heaven. Lily believes that she will go to Hell when she dies due to killing many angels during her lifetime and this fear is confirmed after summoning Anubis.

Dean accuses Lily of having lost so much of her soul that she's not really human anymore and appeals to her as a parent to not let them go through the loss of a child like she did. Lily agrees to help but dies after resurrecting Jack.

Lily appears before Anubis, where she discovers that she is going to Heaven due to her final selfless act to save Jack.

Jack Kline

14.08 Byzantium
Lily Sunder agrees to help resurrect Jack using her magic, but tells Sam, Dean, and Castiel that it will use part of his soul in process. They argue over whether this is too high of a price, but in the end agree to proceed as it seems to be their only option. Castiel finds Jack's soul in Heaven. Jack is hesitant about the plan, but is swayed when he finds out that if he remains in Heaven, the Cosmic Entity intends to destroy it to get him. Castiel sends Jack's soul back to his body for a few seconds - long enough for Lily's magic to use the power of his soul to resurrect and heal him.

Lily insists that the loss of a small part of his soul will not have any long-term effects on Jack as long as he only uses her magic to sustain his life.