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Deputy Atkins

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{{RecurringCharacters|image= [[File:AtkinsDeputyAtkins.jpg]]|thumb|right|William C. Vaughan as name= Deputy Atkins|300px]]* '''Played by:''' actor= [ William C. Vaughan]* '''Appears |dates= |location= Police Station in:''Maine |occupation= Sheriff' s deputy|episodes= [[6.13 Unforgiven]]}}
==History==A year ago in Bristol, Rhode Island, Deputy Atkins pulls over [[Samuel Campbell |Samuel]] and [[SamWinchester]], who he knows as FBI agents, and asks them where [[Sheriff Roy Dobbs]] is. When he notices that Sam is bleeding from a deep wound on his arm, he attempts to arrest them. Sam laughs at him and then beats him unconscious. Samuel and Sam leave Atkins lying in the road and drive out of town. When Sam returns to Bristol, he goes to question the police about the disappearances. Atkins now the Sheriff sees him and immediately arrests him.
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