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Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 2

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|image= [[Image:Season 2 Official Companion.jpg|300px]]
|title= ''Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 2''
|medium= Official Companion (non-fiction), paperback book
|creator= Nicholas Knight
|publisher= [ Titan Books]|date= April 188, 2008|link= [ @ Titan Books]|purchase= [ pre-order from]
Passage taken from the official press release from Titan Books: {{Quotation|title=|text=This second official companion features a foreword from executive producer/director [[Robert Singer]], plus an abundance of exclusive comments and content from series creator and executive producer [[Eric Kripke]]. Also included is a complete season two episode guide, and pages packed with exclusive interviews, dozens of photos – including a 16-page color gallery – and behind-the-scenes secrets, including a Meet the Crew section on the writers, editors and make-up designers.|author= [ Titan Books]|source= official press release.}} [[Category:Canon]] [[Category:Tie-inins]] [[Category:Books]][[CAtegory:Production]] [[Category:Merchandise]][[Category:Season 2]]

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