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The Meaning of Episode Titles

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Season 2
[ The Usual Suspects] is a 1995 movie by Bryan Singer, in which a con-man, interrogated by the police, tells a convuluted story of events that lead up to a massacre and fire at the docks. Using flashbacks, he tries to explain how he and his fellow partners-in-crime were on the boat that was involved, but not everything is as it seems. The episode draws heavily from the style of the film, using flashback and narration as well, as Sam and Dean tell their story.
'''[[2.08 Crossroad Blues]]'''
Obviously, this episode title comes from the Robert Johnson song "Crossroad Blues", and is inspired - as is the episode - by the Robert Johnson story.
'''[[2.09 Croatoan]]'''
The episode title comes from the mystery of [ Roanok]], explained by Sam and Dean in the episode itself. This episode title falls back into the style of Season 1 episode titles, by being self-referential.
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