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The Colonel

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|image= [[File:Thecolonel.png|350px]]
|name= The Colonel
|breed= German Shepard
The Colonel is a German Shepherd owned by Max Alexander a taxidermist who runs a business called Mounted Treasures.  ==Episodes=====[[9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon]]===The Colonel was the only witness to the death of his owner Max Alexander, as well being present at the death of the Enid Animal Shelter employee Brad. He was initially thought to be a suspect by [[Dean]], until he showed no adverse affects to silver. As a way to learn what is has been causing the murders in Enid, Oklahoma; Dean takes an Inuit potion that allows him to mind meld with the Colonel (as well as all other animals). The Colonel, leading the pack of dogs that Dean released from the animal shelter save Dean, when they tear apart a cornered [[Chef Leo]]. The case solved, Dean decides to leave the Colonel with Lydia and Dylan Camrose. ==Trivia==* The Colonel was played by a 2-year-old German Shepard named Slater.* [ Al Rodrigo] provided the voice of the Colonel. 

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