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9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon

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Luchador reference
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''[A pigeon takes a crap on the Impala]''
'''Dean:''' Oh, are you kidding me? Dick move , pigeon!<br>'''Pigeon:''' Screw you , asshat!<br>
'''Dean:''' Wait a minute. Can I hear all animals?<br>
'''The Colonel:''' Yup. Animals have a universal language like Esperanto. But this one actually caught on.<br>
'''Pigeon:''' And I'm just getting started , too. Brewing a real big one, ha! Bet your ride is going to look sweet in white.<br>
'''Sam:''' What's he saying?<br>
'''Dean:''' He's being a douchebag!<br>
'''Pigeon:''' Who you calling douchebag, douchebag? Douchebag.<br>'''Dean:''' Oh , shut it , you winged rat!<br>'''Sam:''' Dude. Just calm down, get . Get in the car.<br>'''Pigeon:''' Heh heh! That's right , Sally, go cry to mama!<br>
''[Dean pulls out his gun]''
'''Dean:''' Oh , that's it , you son of bitch!
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'''Dean:''' Well, that's great and all, James Brown, but you're still recovering from the trials.
:[ James Brown] was an American recording artist and musician. His highest charting song was [ I Got You (I Feel Good)].''
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'''Sam:''' You tell me what's got that kind of strength.
'''Dean:''' A demonic luchador?
:A [ luchador] is a professional Mexican wrestler.''
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