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* [[Salt]] & sugar - By pouring salt or sugar on the floor in front of a fairy, no matter how strong they are, must get down and count each grain until done.
* Destroying the spell book that they were summoned from.
* Poppy seed extract and - Was shown to stun [[the Wicked Witch of the West]].* Ruby Slippers (slippers - Being imbued with magic from Oz, the ruby slippers are capable of killing the Wicked Witch).
3. A [ Redcap] stalks [[Dean]]. These fairies are dangerously homicidal and are known for mercilessly killing travelers who trespass their territory. Their hats are red because they soak them in the blood of their victims, and, according to lore, redcaps have to kill regularly because if the blood dries on their hats they will die. The redcap finally attacks Dean in his jail cell, but is banished with the rest of the fairies before he can kill him.<ref name="six09" />
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[[File:LeprechaunWayne.png|350px|left|thumb|[[The leprechaun Leprechaun]] after revealing himself to Sam.]]
4. [[Sam]] encounters a leprechaun that passes among humans as a man named [[Wayne Whittaker]]. He acts as a spokesman for a number of other fairies, and can make [[deal]]s with humans that include the exchange of their labor. As Wayne, he claims to be a UFO-specialist and works to spread UFO hysteria wherever he and the other fairies go so that they can avoid detection. When he and [[Sam]] fight, it is obvious that he is very powerful, but Sam is able to spill salt in front of him and force him to count the grains. While he is occupied counting, Sam reverses the ritual used to summon him, banishing him and the other fairies.<ref name="six09" />
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5. A human-like fairy named [[Gilda]] is controlled by [[Gerry]]. It is unclear what type of fairy she is, all she says about herself is that she's a good fairy. Under the control of Gerry, she injures several of his rivals in a [[LARPing]] game and kills two before [[Charlie Bradbury]] destroys Gerry's spellbook and sets her free.
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6[[File:Wicked Witch. jpg|thumb|left|350px|[[The Wicked Witch of the West]]: ]]6. [[The Wicked Witch of the West]] is a creature from [[Oz]] as well as being a witch. She ruled the land of Oz until she came to Earth to take over the world with her army. She is only vulnerable to poppy seed extract and the Ruby Slippersruby slippers. [[Charlie Bradbury]] kills her with the Slippersslippers, but according to [[Dorothy Baum]], there is an army of witches similar to her in Oz.
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[[File:FlyingMonkeys.jpg|350px|left|thumb|The Wicked Witche's army of Flying Monkeys.]]
7. The Wicked Witch has an army of Flying Monkeys who she uses to control [[Oz]]. She tries to summon the army to Earth to rule the world, but is killed before she can. [[Charlie Bradbury]] then closes the door to Oz just before they can come through to Earth.
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[[File:TinManHead.jpg|thumb|left|350px|The Tin Man's head.]]
8. [[Dorothy Baum]] has the Tin Man's head in her possession, little is known about the Tin Man, other than he was a freedom fighter that was turned into that form by the Wicked Witch along, with two others who were turned in to the Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow. Upon his death Dorothy kept his head a tribute to his sacrifice.
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