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1.15 The Benders

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Added author information for the short story and a link to its Wikipedia page. Also added some periods at the end of sentences and italicized some film titles.
* "Rocky Mountain Way" by Joe Walsh
:''(plays at Kugel's Kec Keg bar, with Dean playing dart darts and Sam doing research)''
* "Sweet and Low Down" by George Gershwin <sup>according to [[S1Com]]</sup>
:''(plays while Pa Bender is in the kitchen)''
In the scene where Dean enters the Benders' barn to find Sam and Kathleen, the original script had Dean humming the "[ Dueling Banjos]" theme from ''[ Deliverance]'', a horror film that shares some story elements with this episode (most notably the antagonists being murderous backwoods psychos). However, possibly because they couldn't get the rights to the music, in the episode itself the humming is cut out, though you can still see Dean's mouth moving.}}
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The episode takes its plot from the classic short story [ "The Most Dangerous Game"] by Richard Connell."}}
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Both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles cite this episode as one of their favorites in the first issue of the ''Official Supernatural Magazine'':
According to police computer file Sam was born May 2, 1983, in [[Lawrence, Kansas]]. He is 6’4”, 180-190 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes. Dean was born January 24, 1979 and "died" March 7, 2006.}}
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There was a family called [ The "Bloody" Benders] in Kansas in the 1870s, who killed over a dozen people. They were finally exposed by a man looking for his missing brother. [ More on the Bloddy Benders here] .}}
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'''Mrs. McKay:''' Tell the officers what you were watching on TV.<br>
'''Dean:''' Yeah. [''nodding towards Sam''] He likes [ the remake].<br>
'''Evan:''' Yuck!
:''Godzilla first appeared in a self-titled 1954 Japanese film. Many films featured Godzilla - in the fourth film Mothra was enlisted to fight him. The foes met again in the Millenium series (1999 - 2004) movie called "''Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack"''. The remake Dean refers to Sam liking is most probably the 1998 American remake "''Godzilla" '' starring Matthew Broderick.''
:''Godzilla and Mothra are referenced also in [[4.10 Heaven and Hell]] by [[Ruby]] and [[Sam]] as a metaphor for their plan to get the angels and demons to fight each other.''}}
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'''Sam:''' Waitin’ for what?<br>
'''Jenkins:'''' Ned Beatty time, man.
:''[ Ned Beatty] is an award-winning actor whose debut role was in the famous 1972 horror movie ''[ Deliverance]'', where he played a suburban man viciously raped by psychotic mountain men. See [[Deliverance]] for other episodes which have quotes from this movie.''}}
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'''Kathleen:''' It says here your badge was stolen. And there’s a picture of you. [''she turns the computer to reveal a heavy-set black man'']<br>
'''Jenkins:''' They're just a bunch of psycho hillbilly rednecks... lookin' for love in all the wrong places.
: ''"Looking for Love" is a song from the album of the same name by country singer [ Johnny Lee].''
: This is also a second reference to "''Deliverance"'', which also featured "psycho hillbilly rednecks" who sexually assaulted the protagonist.}}
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Filming location: Memorial Peace Park, Maple Ridge (in front of the ACT), Bordertown.}}
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This is one of only two episodes to date where the monsters are human, the other being [[4.11 Family Remains]].}}
Sam is kidnapped outside a bar called the Kugel Keg.}}
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Alexa Alexia Fast who played [[Missy Bender]] also played [[Emma]] in [[7.13 The Slice Girls]].}}

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