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The Colt

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It's also the first type of hand gun ever made by Samuel Colt, a [ Texas Paterson 1836]. (Prop Master Chris Cooper found a replica of the gun at a Las Vegas gun show.) <sup>[[S1Com]]</sup>
'''Colt Gun''' [[PoD]]
: Invented by Samuel Colt, a gun named after its inventor “Colt”, and after its revolving cylinder. Before the Colt revolver, only one and two-barrel flintlock pistols had been invented for hand held use. Colt revolvers were all based on cap-and-ball technology until the Smith and Wesson license on the bored-through cylinder (bought from Rollin White) expired around 1869. <sup>[[PoD]]</sup>
See also [[Weapons Box]]
=== Samuel Colt ===
[[Image:Colt03.jpg|right]] Samuel Colt (1814-1862) was the inventor of the [ Colt revolver], and founder of the [ Colt Firearms company]. [ See Wikipedia entry for further info.]
It should be noted that Samuel Colt spent 1835 in England and France, securing the first patent on his revolving-breech pistol. He returned home and obtained an American patent in 1836.
== Appearances and Use in Episodes ==
=== The Colt in "Supernatural" ===
[[Image:Colt03.jpg|right|The bullets of the Colt are engraved with numbers]]
It first appears in '''Season 1''' of Supernatural when [[Daniel Elkins]] is killed, leaving [[John]] a note saying that he had it (along with the five remaining bullets) in his possession.<sup>[[1.20]]</sup> After retrieving the Colt from the [[vampires]] who killed Elkins and looted his property, the Winchesters attempt to use it to kill [[Azazel]] but fail, using several bullets along the way (John kills a vampire in [[1.20]], [[Dean]] a demon in [[1.22]], [[Sam]] in an attempt to kill Azazel in [[1.21]] and again in [[1.22]]).
=== Individualization ===
The Colt used in Supernatural has some special "features":[[Image:Colt01.jpg|right|The Latin inscription]]
'''Latin Inscription''':
[[Image:Colt01.jpg|right]] ''non timebo mala'' translates to "I will fear no evil" from Latin, and is possibly a reference to [ Psalm 23].
'''Pentagram''': See [[Pentagram]]

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