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|source= [[4.10 Heaven and Hell]]
Alastair is a [[Demonology|white-eyed demon]] who spends most of his time in [[Hell]], torturing [[souls]]. Among these souls are [[Dean Winchester]], whom Alastair tricks him into breaking the first [[The 66 Seals|seal]] and takes on as his apprentice.
Alastair is a [[demon]] whose past is largely unknown but is implied to be quite long. When he was created is unclear, but he considers the centuries-old [[Ruby]] to be "young" when compared to himself.<ref name="four10">[[4.10 Heaven and Hell]]</ref> He claims to be an "old friend" of [[Death]]'s,<ref name="four15">[[4.15 Death Takes a Holiday]]</ref> who had been imprisoned since Biblical times.<ref name="five10">[[5.10 Abandon All Hope...]]</ref> Alastair is present for World War II, at which time he is involved with the concentration camps in Poland. He returns to Hell after 1943 and does not resurface on Earth until 2008.<ref name="four10" /> He takes [[Meg]] as his apprentice and trains her at some point prior to his demise in 2009.<ref name="six10">[[6.10 Caged Heat]]</ref>
Alastair is charged with breaking the first of [[the 66 Seals]] by forcing "The Righteous Man" to torture other [[soul]]s in Hell. He first attempts to break this seal by torturing [[John Winchester]]'s soul from 2006 to 2007, promising to stop only if John agrees to torture other souls. However, John continually refuses and eventually escapes Alastair's clutches through the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming|Devil's Gate]].<ref name="four16">[[4.16 On the Head of a Pin]]</ref><ref name="two22">[[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]</ref> A year later, Alastair receives John's son [[Dean Winchester|Dean]] from [[Lilith]] as a replacement for John.<ref name="four16" /> Although Alastair expects similar resistance from Dean that he got from John, he succeeds in breaking Dean in a third of the time John resisted. Once Dean breaks the first seal, this allows the rest of the seals to be broken.<ref name="four16" /> Impressed by Dean's potential, Alastair keeps training him as an apprentice until [[angel]]s rescue Dean.<ref name="four09">[[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer]]</ref>
Alastair is sent to Earth to capture and interrogate [[Anna Milton]] on what she hears other angels saying. However, he fails due to the combined efforts of [[Sam]], Dean, Ruby, and Anna herself.<ref name="four10" /> He is sent back up to Earth once again to participate in breaking more seals. His attempt to sacrifice two [[reapers]] during the winter solstice is thwarted by Sam, Dean, and [[Castiel]],<ref name="four15" /> the last of whom captures Alastair to interrogate him on who has been killing members of his [[angel garrison]].<ref name="four16" /> Alastair proves too strong-willed for the angels to break and they call Dean in to torture his old tormentor, but to no avail. Alastair only gives up the information when Sam tortures him with his [[demon blood]]-enhanced powers; after Alastair reveals that he only knows that no demons are behind the murders, he becomes the first demon killed by Sam's growing powers.<ref name="four16" />
Alastair is a [[Demon|has white-eyed demon]]eyes (including pupils and irises).<refname="four09" />[[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer]]He is noted as an expert interrogator and torturer,<ref name="four10" /ref> responsible for torturing human souls in and is also incredibly resilient to being tortured himself; according to [[HellCastiel]]. He is held in high esteem by many of his demon comrades, he is referred has an exceptionally strong will, allowing him to by withstand extended torture from both [[Rubyangels]] as and one of his own apprentices.<ref name="practically the Grand Inquisitor downstairs.four16" He /> Alastair possesses an extensive knowledge and awareness of the universe, having occult knowledge, usage of spells cast in [[Enochian]] as well as rituals.  Alastair was initially immune to [[SamEnochian]]'s psychic abilitiesspells and rituals,<ref>including an incantation with an unknown negative effect on [[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summerangel]]</ref> although, ironically, he is eventually killed by them.s<ref name="four16four10"/>as well as another incantation that expels an angel from his [[4.16 On the Head of a Pinvessel]]</ref> His durability seems and sends him back to exceed that of most demons' as [[Ruby's knifeHeaven]], a weapon that can kill demons, only greatly damaged him without killing him.<refname="four16" />and spell-work to incapacitate [[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summerreapers]].<ref name="four15" /ref>His presence causes statues to weep blood.<ref name="four16four09" />Alastair:
As a torturer, he is an expert interrogator in that regard; according to ===Powers and abilities===* Is [[CastielTelekinesis|telekinetic]], he had an exceptionally strong will, allowing him to sustain himself while being tortured.<ref name="four16four09" /> * Can [[MegPossession|possess]] was an apprentice of his before his death, giving her a similar strength when facing torturehumans.<ref name="six10four09"/>* Has high resistance to [[6Ruby's knife]].10 Caged Heat<ref name="four09" />* Can [[Teleportation|teleport]].<ref name="four10" /ref> He tortured both * Is the only known demon immune to the smiting powers of [[Deanangel]] and s.<ref name="four10" />* Can overpower [[John Winchesterangels]], and in both instances offered <ref name="four10" /> though he does not possess the power to end the torment if they would become torturers themselveskill them.<ref name="four16" />* Has superhuman durability. Alastair reveals that <ref name="four10" /><ref name="four16" />* Has the first seal was broken when Dean accepted this offer after thirty years of torture, although John resisted him for over power to telekinetically inflict damage onto humans's hearts with a centurygesture.<ref name="four10" />* Has superhuman strength.<ref name="four16" />
He may also ===Weaknesses===* Can be able to send an killed by [[angelSam]] back to [[Heaven]] by expelling it from its 's powers if Sam has recently consumed [[vesseldemon blood]] (he was interrupted in doing so when h tried to perform that ritual, but his age suggests that this ability may simply not be well-known).<ref>[[4.10 Heaven and Hell]]<name="four10" /ref><ref name="four16" /> Alastair has shown to be resistant * Is unable to perceive an [[angel]]'s power of true form without his [[exorcismmeatsuit]]getting obliterated in the process.<refname="four10" />* Is vulnerable to [[4.10 Heaven and Helldevil's trap]]</ref> He possess knowledge of the s, [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypseholy water]] , and has demonstrated power to overwhelm a [[reapersalt]].<ref>[[4.15 Death Takes a Holiday]]<name="four16" /ref>

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