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[[File:AlastairKnife416.jpg|thumb|400px|Alastair survives being stabbed with [[Ruby's knife]].]]
|text= Potestas inferna, me confirma. Potestas inferna, me confirma. Potestas inferma, me confirma!
|author= Alastair
|source= [[4.10 Heaven and Hell]]
Alastair has white eyes (including pupils and irises).<ref name="four09" /> He is noted as an expert interrogator and torturer,<ref name="four10" /> and is also incredibly resilient to being tortured himself; according to [[Castiel]], he has an exceptionally strong will, allowing him to withstand extended torture from both [[angels]] and one of his own apprentices.<ref name="four16" /> Alastair possesses an extensive knowledge of the occult as well as [[Enochian]] spells and rituals, including an incantation with an unknown negative effect on [[angel]]s<ref name="four10" /> as well as another incantation that expels an angel from his [[vessel]] and sends him back to [[Heaven]],<ref name="four16" /> and spell-work to incapacitate [[reapers]].<ref name="four15" /> His presence causes statues to weep blood.<ref name="four09" />

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