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Violet Duval

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|image= [[File:Violetdurrant.png|350px]][[File:VioletWerewolf.jpg|350px]]|name= Violet DurantDuval|actor= [[ Melissa Roxburgh]]
|location= Chicago, Illinois
At his lair the hooded figure reveals himself to Violet be nothing more than a human, and tells her how Sal Lassiter and her brother were behind the murder of his young son, it's then Violet realizes he wants to start a war between the families out of his revenge, so they all kill each other. When David is captured trying to rescue her, the [[hunter]] Irv, plans to kill him; but is stopped when Violet transforms and attacks him, but is stopped by David before she kills him. Safe at her home, Violet and David share a kiss before they go their separate ways.
==Trivia==* [ Melissa Roxburgh] previously played [[Lila Taylor]] in [[7.12 Time After Time]].* The Duval surname was originally Durant in the pre-release material for "Bloodlines". [[Category:Canon]][[Category:Characters]][[Category:Creatures & Spirits]][[Category:Werewolves]]

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