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Dead Man's Blood

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* Dead Man's Blood is used by [[John]] in [[1.20 Dead Man's Blood (episode)]] to restrain [[Kate]], when he uses her as bait to lure out [[Luthor]] and get the [[Colt]]
* [[Gordon]] uses it in [[Bloodlust]] to restrain [[Lenore]] while he tortures her.
* Dean injects [[Lucy]] with dead man's blood to capture her in [[3.07 Fresh Blood]].
 It is interesting to note that Supernatural chose to disregard some myths about vampires but kept keep others. The method of incapacitating a vampire with blood from a dead person is part of the vampiric folklore. Tricking a vampire into drinking blood from a dead person to kill him has also been used quite a few times in vampiric tales. Oftenly too, the vampire must absolutely stop drinking the blood of her/his victim before she/he dies, as drinking blood after death is harmful to the vampire. The symbolic of blood is very strongly associated to life, so one can argue that drinking 'dead' blood is adverse to the vampire myth.
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