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|image= [[File:Beverley.png|350px]]
|name= Beverley
|actor= [ Debra Lynn McCabe]
|location= New Canaan, Connecticut
Beverley is the sister to [[Heddy]] and cousin to [[Bunny LaCroix]].
===[[10.06 Ask Jeeves]]===
Beverly takes an instant liking to Sam when the Winchesters arrive to collect Bobby's inheritance. She spends the better part of the night attempting to seduce Sam, finally catching up to him when [[Detective Howard]] is looking for him for questioning, however Sam is able to elude her in the end.
When the Winchesters realize they are dealing with a [[shapeshifter]], Sam is forced to test Beverley and Heddy with silverware to cross them off the list. While he is being felt up by Beverly and Heddy, Sam is able to confirm that both sisters are not the shapeshifter.
After the death of [[Detective Howard]] the family gathers in the lounge, where [[Olivia (Shapeshifter)|Olivia]] reveals to them that she was Bunny's daughter, and has been the one killing off people in the mansion. Before she can kill Beverly and the rest of the family, Sam and Dean are able to put a stop to her.

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