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Alpha Vampire

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7.22 There Will Be Blood
[[File:AlphaVampTeeth.jpg|right|300px|thumb|The Alpha Vampire baring his fangs, while engaging in a fight with the [[leviathan]] [[Edgar]].]]
===[[7.22 There Will Be Blood]]===
After learning that they need an [[Alpha]]'s blood for the [[leviathanLeviathan]]-killing weapon, [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] learn from [[Crowley]] that the Alpha Vampire escaped before [[Castiel]] could kill all of the [[monsters ]] in Crowley's prison. Crowley gives them the Alpha's location, but when they get there, they discover that after some of his [[vampire]]s were killed the Alpha fled to a hideaway he has. With the help of the Alpha's "special girl" [[Emily (There Will Be Blood)|Emily]], they locate the hideaway. However, Emily, once left alone, calls the Alpha and warns him and he captures Sam and Dean when they arrive. They explain that they're there for his blood and ask for him to willingly give it to them, telling him about the leviathan food additive. They realize that the Alpha has made a deal with [[Dick Roman]], but point out that Dick betrayed him and has made the additive fatal to vampires. Upon hearing that [[Edgar]] has arrived and wanting to hear his side of the story, the Alpha has [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] locked up and meets with the leviathan. They discuss Sam and Dean's presence and the leviathan food additive. Edgar admits that it is poisonous to vampires and tells the Alpha that he needs all of his blood. The Alpha and Edgar fight, but despite the [[Alpha]] using borax against [[Edgar]], he is overpowered by him and nearly killed before Sam and Dean break free and storm in, decapitating Edgar. Owing them his life and knowing they have a common enemy, the Alpha willingly gives them a glass of his blood and when its insisted upon, the kidnapped child Allan he has. They warn him to not keep Edgar's head too close to his body for too long and leave, but not before the Alpha taunts them about wanting to kill him and tells the Winchesters "See you next season," which they are looking forward to.

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