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10.09 The Things We Left Behind

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'''CrowelyCrowley:''' She was a horrible mother. Did I tell you the time that she almost traded me for three pigs, three! I was an attractive child, I could juggle, . I was worth five pigs, at least.<br>
'''Gerald:''' My Ma used to burn me with cigarettes.<br>
'''CrowelyCrowley:''' Nobody cares Gerald... Don't get me started about the name, Fergus. Sounds like venereal disease, and not the fun kind.
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''[Claire points her gun at Sam and Dean]''<br>
'''Sam:''' Hold on a second.<br>
'''Claire:'''Why, like you don't have it coming? You just stood there while this monster took my Dad. I used to pray to you Castiel, every night. I would beg you to bring him home safe.<br>
'''Castiel:''' I know.<br>
'''Claire:''' You know. My father was a good man, what messed up world does he die and you get to live?

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