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10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

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Meanwhile, [[Rowena]], who first appeared at the end of [[Soul Survivor]], arrives at the brothel where the sex for souls trade is headquartered. She kills Raul using an ancient hex, and then she invites the working girls to come along with her. Rowena wines and dines the two hookers in an attempt to get them to join her coven. She explains how the Grand Coven threw her out because her magic was too extreme so she was banned from taking students and forming her own coven, however, she wants to be their mentor. They agree, and as the leave the restaurant, Rowena kills the waiter.
In Hell, Crowley finds out about the sex for souls trade from [[Gerald]]. Crowley is not pleased. He proclaims the sex trade is tacky and wants it cleaned up. [[Gerald]] tells Crowley that a witch killed Raul.
When Sam and Dean find the brothel, they discover the gruesome body of Raul. When Sam finds a hex bag, they conclude that Raul was killed by a witch. The Boys research the hex used to kill Raul, and they discover that a witch, by the name of Rowena, created it, and she was the only one that every used it. Sam and Dean then investigate the dead waiter, who died in a similar manner. After talking with other hunters, who are aware of other such grisly murders in fancy hotels, Sam and Dean decide to check out all the 5 star hotels in the area.

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