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Devil's trap (symbol)

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10.14 The Executioner's Song
===[[10.14 The Executioner's Song]]===
Castiel is shown interogating a low level demon who is tied to a chiar chair in a devil's trap, for information on the location of Cain. After the demon gives it to him, Castiel kills the demon with his [[angel sword]].
As part of their plan to kill [[Cain]], Sam, Dean, [[Crowley]] and [[Castiel]] lure him into a devil's trap with an illusion spell. However, Cain is merely amused, saying it won't hold him long and clears the hay off the trap. When Dean confronts Cain, he proves to be so powerful that despite still being in the trap, he possesses his superhuman strength and telekinesis. Dean eventually gains the upper hand and kills Cain, leaving his body lying in the trap.
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