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In between hunts, a Winchester has to occupy his time somehow, and that's where porn comes in. The most commonly consumed types of porn are:
* ''[[Busty Asian Beauties]]'' - [[Dean]]'s favorite porn franchise.<ref name="two15">[[2.15 Tall Tales]]</ref><ref name="three14">[[3.14 Long-Distance Call]]</ref> Features a website,<ref name="two15" /><ref name="three14"/> as well as a print publication.<ref name="four01">[[4.01 Lazarus Rising]]</ref><ref name="four08">[[4.08 Wishful Thinking]]</ref><ref name="five12">[[5.12 Swap Meat]]</ref>
* ''[[Casa Erotica]]'' - Appears to show on every pay-per-view across the mid-West.<ref name="two04">[[2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things]]</ref><ref name="four18">[[4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book]]</ref><ref name="five19">[[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]]</ref> Also used by [[Gabriel]] to pass on a message messages to Sam and Deanor Castiel.<ref name="five19"/>* Japanese cartoon erotica: This is commonly referred to in the West as "hentai" and can include anime, manga and computer games.<ref>[ hentai on]</ref> A popular sub-genre of hentai focuses on sex involving creatures with tentacles, and is often referred to as "tentacle porn."<ref>[ tentacle erotica on]</ref> A favourite of Dean's.
|text='''SamuelDean:''' Is this what Jody, you boys do? Sit around watching pornos with angelssome kind of chick flick here?<br>'''CastielJody:''' WeWell, Dean, I'm a chick.<br>'''Dean:''' No. No, no, you're -- you're a badass sheriff chick. You're not supposed to talk about ita-a romcom chick. Wait, are you a romcom chick?<br>'''Jody:''' Are you?<br>'''Sam:''' He's more of a, uh...animated Japanese erotica chick. <br>|author= [[Samuel]] and [[Castiel]] |source= [[612.10 Caged Heat06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox]]
[[Image:Busty Asian Beauties Mag.jpg|350px|right|thumb|''Busty Asian Beauties'' on the shelf in [[4.01 Lazarus Rising]].]]
* [[5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future]]: When [[Jesse]] is causing urban legends to become reality, Dean's hairy palm may be the result of masturbating while using porn.
* [[5.12 Swap Meat]]: When Sam is going through [[Gary]]'s belongings, he finds an issue of ''Busty Asian Beauties''.
[[File:CasPorn.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Castiel]] watches porn for the first time.]]
* [[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]]: When Sam and Dean arrive their room at the [[Elysian Fields Hotel]], Dean is thrilled to find ''Casa Erotica 13'' on the pay-per-view. Later in the same episode, [[Gabriel]] gives Dean a ''Casa Erotica 13'' DVD and tells him to guard it with his life. The DVD features a secret message from Gabriel in addition to the ''Casa Erotica'' style porn.
* [[6.10 Caged Heat]]: [[Castiel]] is introduced to porn when he watches a movie that features a classic porn trope commonly known as [ Pizza Boy Special Delivery]. This results in the first documented "angel boner."
<blockquote>'''Samuel:''' Is this what you boys do? Sit around watching pornos with angels?<br>'''Castiel:''' We're not supposed to talk about it.</blockquote>* [[7.01 Meet the New Boss]]: [[Dean]] despairs , in a state of despair over not being able to stop [[Castiel]], and seeks solace in watching "Asian cartoon porn" on his laptop. This is commonly referred to in the West as "hentai" and can include anime, manga and computer games.<ref>[ hentai on]</ref> A popular sub-genre of hentai focuses on sex involving creatures with tentacles, and is often referred to as "tentacle porn."<ref>[ tentacle erotica on]</ref>
* [[7.03 The Girl Next Door]]: The title of this episode is also [ a hentai movie of the same name] in which a man is haunted by the memory of a young woman who helped him when he was injured as a child.
* [[7.12 Time After Time]]:
<blockquote>'''Sam:''' I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I hope you're watching cartoon smut, because reading [[Dick Roman]] crap over and over again is just self punishment.<br>'''Dean:''' It's called anime. And it's an artform.</blockquote>Dean was also seen watching anime in [[7.01 Meet the New Boss]].<blockquote>'''Sam''': What, you going to look at more anime or are you strictly into Dick now?</blockquote> * [[7.22 There Will Be Blood]]:Dean and Sam reminisce about an old Playboy with Anna Nicole Smith that their father owned when they were younger.
'''Dean:''' Okay man, I have read this more times than the Playboy I found in Dad's duffleduffel.<br>
'''Sam:''' Anna Nicole?<br>
'''Dean:''' Anna Nicole. Ah, the good, they die young, huh?</blockquote> [ Anna Nicole Smith] was a model and actress who died at the age of 40 in 2007. She appeared in Playboy in 1992 and was the 1993 Playmate of the year. In 1992 Dean was 13 and Sam was 9. 
* [[8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin]]:
'''Sam:''' I guess something happened to me this year too. I don't hunt anymore.<br>
'''Dean:''' Yeah, and [ Sasha Grey's ] gone legit.<br>
'''Sam:''' Huh.<br>
'''Dean:''' What?<br>
'''Sam:''' Nothing...she did a Soderbergh film...
Sasha Grey is famous hardcore porn star. Her first non-porn feature was ''[ The Girlfriend Experience]'' by renowned director Steven Soderbergh in 2009.
* [[8.10 Torn and Frayed]]: When Cas asks Dean for help, Dean open his laptop and it displays [[]]. Embarrassed, he covers it from Cas while he shuts it down.
'''Sam:''' But the medical examiner said his body showed clear signs of belladonna poisoning.<br>
'''Charlie ''' and '''Dean:''' The pornstar?<br>
'''Sam:''' The poison. <br>
* [[10.03 Soul Survivor]]: There is a stack of ''[[Busty Asian Beauties]]'' on a couch in Dean's bedroom at the [[Men of Letters Bunker]].
* [[10.15 The Things They Carried]]: Sam shuts his laptop as Dean approaches - to hide the fact that he is researching the [[Mark of Cain]], however Dean assumes he is looking at porn.'''Dean:''' Hey check it out* [[11.<br>'''Sam03 The Bad Seed]]:While Cas is looking for his stolen [[Castiel''' Heys Pimpmobile|car]] through a police database, the computer suddenly boots him off the police server and opens up the previous search results icon on the desktop, taking him to Fortune Nookie, the "premiere website for all your Asian girl fantasies.<br>"'''Dean:''' Porn?<br>'''Sam* [[11.21 All in the Family]]:''' What? No! It was nothing.<br>'''When Dean:''' Hey look no judgement from mecatches [[Chuck]] watching curling, just not where we eathe asks him if he is using his laptop.<br>'''Sam:''' It wasn't Chuck goes on to tell Dean he has never seen so much pornin one sitting.<br> * [[12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox]]: Sam tells Jody of Dean'''s proclivity for hentai, much to Dean:''s embarrassment and Jody' Okay, "erotica"s amusement. Just zip it up * [[12.<br>18 The Memory Remains]]:
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