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9.09 Holy Terror

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Metatron and Gadreel meet many times, and Gadreel agrees to work for him, but Metatron hedges, giving Gadreel the name of an enemy he must kill in order to prove his loyalty.
Castiel prays for assistance in a hotel room, and the angel [[Muriel]] appears. Though she's hesitant to be seen with him, she admits that Malachi and Bartholomew are fanatics, and that angels who fail to pick a side are soon killed. Suddenly, Malachi's men break in and steal them away to be tortured. Castiel insists Metatron duped him into causing the angels to fall, but Malachi believes Castiel can influence Metatron, and kills Muriel as retribution for the angels that died in the fall, including Ezekial. Malachi leaves Castiel to be tortured, but his torturer [[Theo]] begs Castiel to arrange for Metatron to raise him to Heaven. Castiel plays along, assuring Theo a place in Metatron's army, but as soon as he's freed, Castiel grabs an [[angel swordblade]], slits Theo's throat, consumes his [[grace]], and kills him. Malachi returns to find all his men dead and Castiel gone.
In [[the Bunker]], [[Kevin Tran]] finds a section of the [[angel tablet]] that's so obscure that it's as if Metatron wanted to keep it hidden from a [[prophet]]. Later, Kevin notices Sam's frequent disappearances. Castiel calls Dean to inform him that Malachi leads the Angel opposition, Castiel is once more an angel, and Ezekial died in the fall. Dean asks Kevin for a spell that would hobble an angel, so that one could speak to the vessel's owner without the residing angel listening in. Kevin uses the angel tablet and an old Men of Letters book to find a [[angel suppressing sigil]] which Kevin and Dean paint in the storeroom. Kevin knows Dean is withholding information, but trusts him anyway.
* [[Angel Blade]]
* [[Angel Lore]]
* [[Angel Suppressing Sigils]]
* [[Angel Sword]]
* [[Grace]]
* [[Heaven]]

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