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6.05 Live Free or Twihard

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|imdb= [ Live Free or Twihard]
|download= [ iTunes], [ Amazon]
|outline= [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] investigate a rash of disappearances involving teenage girls, they soon discovery the girls are being lured by a [[vampire]]. When during the hunt Dean is turned into a vampire, [[Samuel]] tells Dean that he can change him back, but he'll need the blood of the vampire who turned him.
|motw= [[Vampires]]
|timeline= October 17th, 2010
'''Samuel:''' But we talked about it months ago.<br>
'''Sam:''' Not me. Must've been Christian or something.<br>
'''Samuel:''' Huh. That's strange, cuz if you HAD had known, it'd be almost like you LET let him get turned. Get a man on the inside? Help us find that alpha vamp we've been looking for?<br>
'''Sam:''' Are you serious? You think I'd do something like that, risk my own brother? What's wrong with you? Look, I'm just relieved we can fix him.
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'''Dean:''' Sam, I can't hear you -- your blood is so frickin' loud, okay? Just -- just back off. (SAMUEL pours the potion into a coffee mug.) All right, gimme the damn cure. L'chaim...
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