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Music (Season Ten)

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10.17 Inside Man
* [[Music (Season Nine)]]
* [[Music (Season Eleven)]]
* [[Music (Season Twelve)]]
* [[Music (Season Thirteen)]]
* [[Music (Season Fourteen)]]
* [[Music (Season Fifteen)]]
===[[10.01 Black]]===
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
:''plays during the teaser''
Kenny Greenberg - Another Round (Extreme Music)
:''playing in the bar when Sam and Dean question Tommy''
===[[10.05 Fan Fiction]]===
Electric Light Orchestra - Long Black Road
:''plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events''
Ross Hardy & Brian White - Drunk and on My Own (De Wolfe Music Library)
:''playing in the bar where Claire is shooting pool with her new friends''
Ruth Connell - The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond
===[[10.11 There's No Place Like Home]]===
Simon Stewart - Feel So Fine (De Wolfe Music)
:''playing in the bar when Dark Charlie talks with Dean''
Brett Boyett - You Don't Have the Right (5 Alarm Music 5A Series / Imagem Production Music)
:''playing in the bar when Dark Charlie talks with Dean''
===[[10.12 About a Boy]]===
Headwater - Only a Matter of Time
:''playing in the bar when Dean goes to question the bartender about JP''
Bob Bradley & Steve Dymond - Fever for Rock and Roll (De Wolfe Music Library)
:''playing in the bar while Dean and Tina talk about their childhoods''
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
===[[10.16 Paint It Black]]===
Peter Lea-Cox - Optimistic Background (APM Music)
:''playing in the church as Terry Slaon confesses his sins''
Ruth Connell - Scotland the Brave
:''hummed by Rowena while preparing to torture Olivette''
Leslie Pearson - At Rest (Bruton Music)
:''playing in the church as Sam and Dean speak with Father Delaney and Sister Mathias; also played in [[1.07 Hook Man]]''
===[[10.17 Inside Man]]===
Kenny Rogers - The Gambler
:''playing on the radio in Bobby's Heaven; also played in [[6.04 Weekend at Bobby's]]''
Peter Nathanson & Rodolphe Perroquin - Lydia (Kosinus)
:''playing when Dean orders his food and drink''
Simon Stewart - Ain't Going Back (De Wolfe Music Library)
:''playing when Dean loses and bets on the second game of pool''
Raul Navaira - Oigame Diosito 1 (APM Music)
:''playing from Roberto Singer's Heaven''
Paul Lenart - Shakin' the Blues (Sonoton)
:''playing when Rowena appears in the bar''
Todd Rundgren - I Saw the Light
:''plays during the teaser on the record player in Suzie's home''
Gareth Young - Honey Got a Gun (De Wolfe Music)
:''playing in the restaurant where Sam meets with Rowena''
===[[10.20 Angel Heart]]===
Patty Griffin - Go Wherever You Wanna Go
:''playing as Sam and Dean set up Charlie's funeral pyre''
Andy Quin - Blues with Some Booze (De Wolfe Music)
:''playing as Dean enters the Styne mansion''
===[[10.23 Brother's Keeper]]===

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