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10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

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Crowley finds out about the sex for souls trade from [[Gerald]]. Crowley is not pleased. He proclaims the sex trade is tacky and wants it cleaned up. [[Gerald]] tells Crowley that a witch killed Raul.
When Sam and Dean find the brothel, they discover the gruesome body of Raul. When Sam finds a hex bag, they conclude that Raul was killed by a witch. The Boys research the hex used to kill Raul, and they discover that a witch, by the name of Rowena, created it, and she was the only one that every ever used it. Sam and Dean then investigate the dead waiter, who died in a similar manner. After talking with other hunters, who are aware of other such grisly murders in fancy hotels, Sam and Dean decide to check out all the 5 star hotels in the area.
Meanwhile, [[Cole Trenton]] tortures a demon to find the location of Dean Winchester.

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