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10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

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A girl is chased down an alley by [[Raul]]. He catchers her and she begs him not to hurt her, she promises to come back. He grabs her, and she stabs him in the eye with one of her high healsheels. Raul then reveals to the girl his black eyes and breaks her neck.
[[Sam]] and [[Dean]] are eating in a restaurant and Sam is looking through the paper for a case. Dean says there isn't a case, that they stopped to get a good steak. When Dean's phone start “blowing up,” Sam grabs it to see what is going on. He discovers that Dean has a dating app, and that they came here so Dean could hook up with a woman. It turns out that the woman, Shaylene, is a hooker, and she is willing to trade sex for Dean's [[soul]].

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