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Filming dates

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Production Filming Schedules: fixed the first season for jim m.
The starting time for shooting each day varies depending on when specific locations are available, if shooting at night, or what time filming ended the day before. Standard contracts include specific requirements for overtime/bonus pay if cast and crew are required to work more than a specific number of hours in one day, more than 5 days in a row, or have less than a specific number of hours between the end of one work day and the start of the next. Supernatural doesn't seem to film on weekends nor violate the rest time rules between shooting days, but they do frequently run late on shooting days. To avoid violating the rest period rules, the call times (when crew and actors have to begin work) are often early on Mondays and then if the shooting day doesn't end on time the next day's call times are pushed back (are later). If the call times move back a few hours later each day (a fairly common occurrence, although perhaps not as frequently on Supernatural as on other shows), Friday's call times can be in the afternoon. 'Fraturday' is a common industry slang term for a Friday shooting day that starts so late it doesn't end until the early hours of Saturday morning.
[ This interview] with producer [[Jim Michaels]] talks about him joining Supernatural in Season 45, and how long the shooting days were at that time. He said he put a stop to the really long days and said he allows nothing more than 14 hours now (which is still a very long day!) because people needed to have lives outside of work and it was unsafe for folks to drive home from work so tired.
Each episode is directed by a different person. The director generally arrives in Vancouver about a week before their episode is scheduled to begin shooting. They scout filming locations, meet with all the department heads to make choices on wardrobe, sets, props, special effects, stunts, etc. Then they have 8 days of filming, and afterwards they have post-production where they work with the editor on putting the shots together into the finished product, and work with the music editor and video special effects folks. Some directors only work on a single episode, others might do 3-4 episodes over the course of a season.

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