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Filming dates

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Season 11: added a few more last day of S11 tweets
| Tues, 29 Mar 2016<br> (guess)
| Thurs, 7 Apr 2016<br>
| [ This tweet] from Jason Fischer of the shooting board confirms filming episode 22 on Mar 30, 2016. [ This tweet] from Jason Fischer still shows ep 22 in the upper corner on 7 April.
| Fri, 8 April 2016 <br>| Tues, 19 Apr 2016 <br> | At the start of Season 11 several tweets mentioned that the CW had ordered 23 episodes again for this season, and [ Jim Michaels confirmed it.] [ This tweet] from Jim Michaels confirmed 8 April was Day 1 of the Season 11 finale. [ This tweet] from Tammy Barker confirmed Tues, 19 Apr 2016 was the last day of filming for Season 11. Also , also [ this tweet] from Emily Swallow (the Darkness), and [ this tweet] from production person Jason Fischer. The photo in [ this other tweet] from Jason Fischer might hint that they have 2 units filming today (the "2nd" with a time below it might be the call time for the 2nd unit). [ This tweet] with photo from Misha Collins says Jensen, Jared and he filmed their last season 11 scene together on Mon, 18 Apr. [ This tweet] from [[Jared ]] on Saturday night thanked a restaurant for their Season 11 Wrap dinner/party. [ This tweet] from [[Jensen]] sounds like he had scenes until the last day. [ This tweet] from Kevin Parks at 1:00am on Wed, 20 April says they are finished and there are 82 days until Season 12! ([ This tweet] from Jim Michaels says the same thing - 82 days!) [ This other tweet] from Jim M. announces the official camera wrap at 11pm on Tues, 19 April 2016.

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