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After [[Lucifer]]'s release from the [[Lucifer's Cage|Cage]], Raphael descended to Earth and possessed his [[vessel]], [[Donnie Finnerman]], to end a conflict between [[angels]] and [[demons]] near a gas station in Maine. After he finished with the demons he abandoned his vessel and ascended back to [[Heaven]], leaving Donnie in a near catatonic state. [[Castiel]] and [[Dean]] lure him back to Earth and his vessel with an [[Enochian]] ritual and manage to trap him in a circle of [[holy fire]]. They interrogate him without success for information on [[God]] and his location, then Castiel and Dean leave him in the circle of flames.
Raphael managed to escape from the circle, and following the imprisonment of [[Lucifer]] and [[Michael]] in the [[Lucifer's Cage|Cage]], he became the leader of a group of traditionalist [[angel]]s intent on restarting the [[Apocalypse]]. They are opposed by a group led by Castiel. Part of Raphael's strategy involves gathering [[angelic weapons]] missing from Heaven to strengthen his army. He encounters a setback when [[Donnie Finnerman]]'s body is destroyed by [[Balthazar]] using [[Lot's Salt]], necessitating the search for a new vessel. He next appears in an unidentified female vessel. Raphael then sends an angel named [[Virgil]] to kill Balthazar and anyone else who allied with Castiel and retrieve the angelic weapons, but Balthazar gets the weapons to Castiel, and Raphael retreats. After Castiel imbues himself with the souls of Purgatory, he snaps his fingers, killing Raphael; much like how Raphael killed Castiel in [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]] and how Lucifer killed Castielin [[5.22 Swan Song]].

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