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Filming dates

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Season 12
| Tues, 12 July 2016<br>
| Thur, 21 July 2016<br>
| The following series of tweets are all from production person [[Jason Fischer]]. [ This tweet] from production person [[Jason Fischer]] shows 12 July as shooting day 1 for Season 12. [ This tweet] also from Jason shows the 21st as day 8 of 8 for episode 1. [ This tweet] also from Jason said they had a main unit and second unit filming on the 21st. [ This tweet] on Tuesday 19 July says day 5 (should be day 6), and the only response to a question about it was [ this tweet] saying 'good eyes'. Probably the picture was taken on Monday and posted on Tuesday, because Thursday was definitely day 8 (tweet posted on Thurs showing day 8 of 8).

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