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Filming dates

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Season 12
Supernatural was renewed for a 12th season on 11 March 2016.<br>
According to [], filming for season 12 is scheduled to run from 12 July 2016 to 26 April 2017.<br>
[ This tweet] from [[Jim Michaels]] in early July 2016 said they'd have 23 episodes again for Season 12, but at the Television Critics Association (TCA) press conference for the CW in August 2016 it was announced that several shows, including Supernatural, would only have [ 22 episodes] this year. Jim still says via Twitter they expect to make 23 shows, so this discrepancy is still unresolved (as of 12 Aug 2016).<br>
Production people are back in the office already as of 21 June 2016 (according to [ this tweet]).<br>
2 tweets at the end of Season 11 said they had 82 days from the end of Season 11 to the start of Season 12.<br>

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