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Dead Man's Blood

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* The [[Alpha Vampire]] is given an intravenous drip of dead man's blood to restrain him in [[6.07 Family Matters]], and dead man's blood is spread on the doors of the building in which he is kept as a deterrent to other vampires. Despite the dead man's blood, the Alpha Vampire eventually escapes, though he is weakened and is brought down when the demon possessing [[Christian Campbell]] injects him with two syringes at the same time.
* When [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] decide to go after the [[Alpha Vampire]] for his blood, they initially decide to go looking for dead man's blood before hitting on the idea of using "[[vamptonite]]" from people infected with the [[leviathanLeviathan]] food-additive.
* When [[Dean]] and [[Benny Lafitte|Benny]] go after rogue [[vampire]] [[Desmond]], Dean grabs a syringe of dead man's blood from the [[Impala]]'s trunk which is shown to be stocked with them. In the fight that follows, Desmond overpowers Dean and smashes the syringe, but it distracts him long enough for Benny to kill him.

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