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2.12 Nightshifter

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|imdb= [ Nightshifter]
|download= [ iTunes], []
|outline= [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] investigate a string of robberies with a disturbing pattern: In each incident, a trusted employee holds up a bank and then commits suicidekills themself.
|motw= [[Shapeshifter]]
|location= Milwaukee, Wisconsin (City Bank Milwaukee)
43.040182, -87.91448, Milwaukee, WI, USA
|prevep= 2.11 Playthings
|nextep= 2.13 Houses of the Holy
[[Sam]] and [[Dean]] investigate a series of crimes and suicides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wherein people are behaving out of character - stealing from their places of business and then committing dying by suicide shortly thereafter. During their investigation, they come across [[Ronald Reznick]], a victim who has conspiracy theories about "[[Mandroids]]." His amateur research reveals to Sam and Dean that the perpetrator of these crimes is in fact a [[shapeshifters|shapeshifter]], as previously seen in [[1.06 Skin]].
Plotting out the path of the shapeshifter in congruence with the city's sewers, Sam and Dean pinpoint the next place of attack - City Bank Milwaukee - and pose as security techs in order to view the bank's security camera footage and locate the undercover shapshifter.  They are interrupted when Ronald comes into the bank, chaining the door closed behind him and brandishing a gun. Convincing Ronald that he believes him, Dean helps him lock everyone in the bank into the vault and they seek out the shapeshifter. Unfortunately, the shapeshifter has already changed appearance by this stage, and the tension is increased as it changes appearance multiple times, with Sam, Dean, and Ronald attempting to track it down in order to kill it. Ronald is shot and killed by a police sniper while in pursuit of the shapeshifter.
Meanwhile, the police are stationed outside, and they manage to see Dean's face as he leads an ailing hostage out to an ambulance. Once Dean has been identified, the FBI come in, and it's revealed that an agent has been tracking the Winchesters for some time and knows some details about their history and childhood. SWAT teams infiltrate the building while Dean fights and finally kills the shapeshifter. Sam and Dean escape the building by stealing and wearing SWAT team uniforms.
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==Episode Meta==
*[[SPN Heavy Meta]] Season Two Meta Index
*[ 2.12 Nightshifter: We Are So Screwed …] by bardicvoice (January 2007); [ archive link]
*Bond, Silvia. 2008. Requiem for Ronald Reznick: "Nightshifter" Season 2, Episode 12. ''Pink Raygun'', August 5; [ archive link]
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