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Nazi Pocket Watch

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|image= [[File:NaziPocketWarch.png|350px]]
|name= Nazi Pocket Watch|Manufacturer=[[Thule Society]]
|Powers= Holds [[Hitler]]'s [[soul]]
|location= Columbus, Ohio
|episodes= [[12.05 The One You’ve Been Waiting For]]
With the Soviets closing in, Hitler was preparing to commit suicide among his inner circle, rather than be captured by the Allies. However, as he was about to pull the trigger, [[Commandant Nauhaus]] prevented him from doing so, telling him "there is another way." Nauhaus was able to use his knowledge gained from the [[Thule Society]] to save Hitler's [[soul]] by placing it in a pocket watch, making it into a [[Horcrux]]. Their plan was to bring him back in a new body at a future opportune time. The watch had been missing since 1945, after Thule agents transferring the watch were killed by Soviets. The watch would end up with a Russian family before moving to China and Peru; the Thule eventually locate the watch in Columbus, Ohio, in 2016.
===[[12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For]]===
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