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Sam's Cell Phone

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*At the bunker, Castiel is sitting with Sam, looking at pictures Sam' took when he went to the Archbishop of St Louis on Sam's cellphone. As he flips through the horrific images, he comments that the level of violence was unnecessary. We don't see him return the phone, but it's safe to assume he does.
*Sam is off on his own in another room of the bunker. He's holding a business card for [[Mick Davies]] of the British Men of Letters and dials the number. When he gets voicemail, he hangs up and rushes back to the join the others in the other room.
*While on their way through Indiana, Sam calls Crowley from the car. He tells Crowley to find out through his Government mole if the President has a girlfriend or mistress or even a favourite hooker. Crowley seems to agree, since we don't see or hear him on this call, but Sam says, "Got it, alright." before he hangs up. He tells Dean and Castiel that Crowley and Rowena will meet them in Indianapolis.

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