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Demon-Killing Knife

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11.15 Beyond the Mat
===[[11.15 Beyond the Mat]]===
Dean convinces [[Gunner Lawless]] to help him stop the rogue [[crossroads demon]] [[Duke]]. To this end, Dean arms Gunner with Ruby's knife. As Dean distracts Duke from the front, Gunner sneaks up behind Duke and stabs him through the back with Ruby's knife, killing him. Moments later, the [[hellhound]]s arrive to collect Gunner's [[soul]] since their master is no longer holding them back. Feeling he deserves what he's getting, Gunner returns the knife to the Winchesters before they depart, leaving him to his fate.
===[[12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)]]===
While attacking [[Ramiel]], Sam attempts to kill him with Ruby's knife to no effect as he is a [[Prince of Hell]]. Sam later uses the knife to kill one of [[Crowley]]'s demons.

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