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Dead Man's Blood

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* [[Dean]] uses a syringe of dead man's blood on an unnamed [[vampire]] son of [[Celia]] in [[9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann]] and later kills him. A short time later a newly-turned [[Annie Jones]] injects Celia with dead man's blood to save [[Jody Mills]]. Jody then proceeds to behead Celia.
* When [[Lady Antonia Bevell]] is telling [[Sam]] how the UK British [[Men of Letters]] protect the country from [[monsters]] in [[12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On]], a [[vampire]] entering the UK is shown being injected with dead man's blood and transported for disposal.
* As Dean and [[Mr. Ketch]] are preparing to wipe out a vampire nest in Wichita, Kansas, in [[12.14 The Raid]], Dean grabs a syringe of dead man's blood along with a machete from the Impala trunk.
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